Neuropathy in Cancer Survivorship: Opportunity for Cancer Survivors, Family and Friends

Do you or a loved one suffer from chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN)? Cancer survivors with CIPN and their family members, partners and friends are invited to participate in a research project sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.

The goal is to help develop an educational mobile app to teach simple massage therapy techniques to help reduce or prevent the symptoms of CIPN.

The mobile app to be developed in this phase will be used in a future study to evaluate its impact in cancer survivors with CIPN and their loved ones who apply the instruction.

Participants are needed now to offer their input. Most will be take part in a one-hour focus group meeting over Zoom, to share their thoughts about the proposed instruction and how the app can be made most useful and helpful.

Some will be selected for a 90-minute one-on-one session to explore a prototype of the app, and give feedback on its usability.

You may be eligible if you are…

• A cancer survivor who has been diagnosed with CIPN

• A family member, partner or friend

• Over age 18


• Focus group participants receive $75 for attending the one-hour Zoom meeting.

• Participants in the 90-minute one-on-one feedback sessions (also over Zoom) receive $100.

For more information…

If you are viewing this announcement online, CLICK HERE to read the study Consent Form and apply. If you are viewing a hard copy of this announcement, go to to see the online version and click the above link.

You may also contact the Principal Investigator, William Collinge, PhD, MPH, at (541)632-3502, or email